The Thunderhead

They call me The Thunderhead. By night I move at 150bpm to the hottest banging beats in the cloud, unleashing a symphony of light and sound so almighty it’ll have you scrambling for your glow sticks; but don’t be fooled, I dance to a very different beat by day.

My Mission

My style may be unorthodox, but my results are unquestionable. I’ve leapt down from my home in the cloud to defeat my one sworn enemy - crappy customer experience. Nothing boils my Norse blood more than brands incapable of living in harmony with their customers.

My Fans

I already have a following, an enlightened bunch of CMOs who truly care about their customers. CMOs who understandably realise that a more engaged customer is a happy customer - it’s not nuclear physics. The question to the rest of you is: will you join me? Don’t make me hunt you down!

"Thunderhead made us ultra future proof and agile"
"Having full visibility across the customer journey has meant we can always have the right conversation with our customers.”
“With technology designed for customer facing teams
our speed of response has gone through the roof”
Hugh Jacumen CMO CMO
Claire Voyance CMO Skycom
Richard Fortune CMO iBanking
Euan Abel CMO Globe trotting Travel
Victor King CEO Classic Cars
Penny Banks CMO First4U Insurance
Ray Joyce CEO rent-a-roadster