Thunderhead Launches New Brand Character in ANZ to Target Chief Marketing Officers


Thunderhead, a leading Customer Engagement provider, has partnered with AMV BBDO to create a brand campaign that will launch online in Australian media from 10th June.

Thunderhead provides highly sophisticated cloud technology that makes it effortless for brands to change the way they interact and engage with customers, through a seamless and intuitive customer experience across all touchpoints.

The basis of the campaign idea is a simple product demonstration. By turning the product into a heroic figure: The Thunderhead – the campaign shows how Thunderhead can help businesses have happier customers with a richer, more relevant, joined up and, ultimately, more profitable customer experience.


In the film you see an awkward and unknowledgeable car salesman trying to sell a car to a woman he knows nothing about. Suddenly, The Thunderhead storms through the car showroom in a flurry of mist and smoke. He looks like a cross between a mythical Norse God and a superhero. His job is to inform the salesman and provide him with the customer’s details as well as use the knowledge he has to intuitively suggest other services / products that she might like.

You see The Thunderhead pick up the car salesman and cradle him as if he is a baby. The salesman sucks hungrily at our hero’s nipples taking the nourishment of customer knowledge and insight straight from The Thunderhead’s core. We see him transmit all the information the car salesman needs in order to enlighten him to the customer’s desires. Once the salesman is pumped and primed and able to close the sale – The Thunderhead’s job is done and he leaves in a swirl of mist and cloud heading off to another business that needs his expertise. By this stage he has inherited a crowd of CMO followers who are similarly enlightened about customer engagement.

Glen Manchester, Founder and CEO at Thunderhead commented: “We’ve developed a completely unique and fresh approach to customer engagement, with a solution that is purpose-built for a 21st century CMO. We chose AMV BBDO to create an idea for us that would ensure that CMO’s became aware of Thunderhead and how our technology can help create happy customers and more rewarding relationships.”

Paul Brazier, Chief Creative Officer & Chairman at AMV BBDO, adds: “Thunderhead’s software service is ingenious and intuitive but it’s also very complex, so this demanded a simple and striking idea.”

To view the film visit www.theThunderhead.


About Thunderhead

Thunderhead is a privately owned British founded software company, who since launching in 2004, has become a recognized global leader in the customer engagement market. Thunderhead is headquartered in London and has operations in three continents and a client base of over 200 global brands.

Thunderhead’s cloud-based ONE Engagement Hub ties together customer insight, context and journey behavior and uses these to inform interactions with customers and partners across all touchpoints.

Thunderhead helps a brand give their customers simple, easy and joined-up experiences every time they interact with the brand in any channel – digital, mobile, phone, or in person. This means the customer feels more engaged which leads to a happier and more loyal customer.

Some of the world’s most demanding companies trust Thunderhead to help them build customer engagement.

Thunderhead serves its global customer base from offices located in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Learn more at: www.theThunderhead

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