Thunderhead continues campaign to disrupt the world of B2B2C with a virtual journey above the clouds at The Festival of Marketing


LONDON, UK, 11th November 2015 – Thunderhead, a customer engagement business that enables marketers to understand their customers and deliver high-value interactions, is bringing disruptive technology to The Festival of Marketing (11th and 12th November), using virtual reality to transport marketers above the digital clouds.

Building on the creative campaign that introduced ‘The Thunderhead’ character — the cloud-dwelling genius that embodies Thunderhead’s product – festival attendees will be invited to enter his world ‘Above the Clouds’. Through a powerful combination of Norse legend and virtual reality, marketers will join ‘The Thunderhead’ on his quest to stamp out crappy customer experience and restore order to the current chaos, bringing brands and customers together in harmony.

Flying through a digital storm via Oculus Rift headsets, visitors will be given a unique overview of Thunderhead’s ability to gather real-time customer insights across the entire customer journey – from a multitude of online and offline channels – and turn it into clear, actionable data marketers can use to create value driven, relevant conversations. The immersive trip will be a theatrical demonstration of the company’s approach to customer engagement and its unconventional take on B2B2C marketing.

“Insight into each customer journey is essential if you truly want to engage with customers” said Sarah Traill, VP of Brand, Digital, Communications at Thunderhead. “By providing a standout experience at the festival, we will not only convey the magnitude of our offering but also capture the imagination of marketers.”

The activation marks the next phase of a campaign unlike any other in the B2B marketing environment, putting a memorable face to the power of customer engagement and journey-based insight. In April this year ‘The Thunderhead’ stormed onto TV screens during the commercial break of popular TV show Mad Men. In the ad, the almighty figure was presented as the guiding light for businesses lost without insight into their customers.

Imparting insight “through his unfeasibly large nipples,” ‘The Thunderhead’ is a playful embodiment of Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub product that challenges perceptions of B2B as dry and dull. The Norse warrior also caused quite a stir at Cannes Lions 2015, appearing on the streets of Cannes and fronting an offer to make CMOs’ lives effortless, by offering a complimentary ride in a Thunderhead Bentley, through the power of Twitter. Campaign results were impressive: a total of 4 million people watched the brand video online and website traffic increased by 209%.


About Thunderhead

Thunderhead is a customer insight business that enables marketers to better understand customer journeys, helping them to create actionable real-time conversations that go beyond the ordinary.

Providing multi-dimensional knowledge gained from linking web, mobile, in-store, and contact centre customer data, Thunderhead helps brands forge rich, long-term relationships via its cloud-based, intuitive ONE Engagement Hub. Its technological cleverness empowers brands to achieve effortless engagement, which ultimately delivers happier customers.

By generating a complete view of customer needs, Thunderhead helps marketers produce high-value interactions that drive revenue and make brands stand out from the crowd.

For more information visit:

Twitter: @ThunderheadONE

LinkedIn: Thunderhead

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