With most sports franchises striving to learn as much as they can about their fans, read this Use Case for the Sports and Leisure sector to find out how Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub really is the best signing a team can make for fan engagement.


ONE for Sport

Imagine understanding exactly who each of your individual fans are; who their favourite player is; if they are using your team’s app; if they’ve been browsing your website for a jersey and what size they’d like and even where they are in the world. Imagine having these deep insights available the moment a fan interacts on your mobile app, visits the team shop or even calls to enquire about season tickets or fan events.

The stadium on game day is rightly the focal point of the fan experience. It’s where a fan can enjoy the players, the team and the result in full technicolour, but how do you reach the thousands upon thousands of fans that missed the game because they couldn’t get a ticket? How do you reach the fans that simply could not attend the game because they live on the other side of the globe? How do you improve the experience of the fans that are in the stadium? The stadium is actually just one of the many touchpoints available for the fan to interact with their favourite team, so how do you replicate that game day experience in an always on, always available, all channel approach?

The ball is in your court

In an era where the consumption of sport is rapidly increasing across the world through technology, media, television and even gaming, the options available to the fan are significant: New sports, new leagues, new teams.

Very little is out of reach and the competition mandates the need to cultivate a direct and engaging relationship with each and every fan based on knowing exactly who they are, what their needs and preferences are and where they are in their journey to satisfy those needs.

The gloves are off , but reaching this goal is far easier said than done. Operating across all of your channels and touchpoints, at scale, and without losing focus on the fan is a challenge. As is driving commercial success from your existing fan base and ensuring the acquisition of the fans of tomorrow.

Our playbook

Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub (ONE) has been designed specifically to do this. Sports franchises will be able to track and listen to each individual fan as they interact with the brand whenever and wherever they feel like it. This insight enriches the fan profiles already held by CRM or other systems of record. For each and every fan, the brand will understand the membership, ticketing and retail needs based on who they are and what they’re actually doing. Furthermore, each fan profile will off er insight on how best to have those conversations based on channel, social sentiment, team favourites, individual preferences, device usage and/or geo-location.

How ONE does this:

• By listening to key customer activity, across all channels, ONE delivers insight and knowledge to the business user to take action.

• As fans interact, ONE uses insight to select and execute, in real-time, relevant and useful conversations that will personalise the fan’s entire on and offline experience and the multiple journeys they take with you. For example, ONE can recognise whether a fan is a paying member or not and drive the appropriate conversation based on their status, which in-turn could initiate a membership upgrade.

• Through its integration features, ONE delivers customer journey information, individual fan insight and next-best-conversations to your systems of record as well as to your customer facing teams.

• We call it the ONE Engagement Hub for a reason, not only does it listen to fans as they interact with you but it listens to wider key customer activity from your other systems.

With these capabilities ONE recommends the best way to talk to your fans by:

• Understanding and analysing a fan’s journey; unearthing the vital insight that led a new fan to you in the first place, highlighting what worked or the reasons why someone dropped off or hit a bottleneck.

• Presenting this insight to your sales, service and marketing teams; a fan’s desires in the moment are revealed, helping you talk to them more effectively.

• Unveiling the anonymous digital activity of fans, enabling your staff to effectively market, service and sell to them based on a detailed understanding of what they are trying to do.

• Engaging our adaptive self-learning model, which will help you deliver relevant and consistent conversations, based on previous fans interactions and responses to personalised experiences, to drive meaningful and valuable engagement with new fans.

Our solution sits across the systems and technology you already rely on, and despite them not being designed with the omnichannel fan journey in mind, our engagement layer will unify all of your systems, helping your sales, service and marketing teams gain a holistic view of each and every fan to deliver consistent, valuable conversations every time.

Go the distance

To really deliver engaging experiences to the fan, ONE empowers the business user to hold the most relevant conversations with them, personalising their journey from online channels through to the call centre and even as the fan takes their seat at the stadium on match day. The power to have consistent and relevant conversations, continued seamlessly across all digital and physical channels based on actual fan profiles is now firmly placed in the hands of the business user.

Engaging fans is all about creating value for both the team and the fan. Brands who understand more about their fans will blow the competition away and create greater opportunities to drive revenue through season ticket sales, hospitality packages, retail and membership offers.

With most sports franchises striving to learn as much as they can about their fans, the adoption of the ONE Engagement Hub really is the best signing a team can make.

Everyone talks about Fan Engagement but we wrote the book on it, built our solution to deliver it and this is how we define it:

An on-going value driven relationship between fan and team, helping create that match day buzz whenever and wherever they interact, based on their individual preferences.


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Thunderhead’s intuitive ONE Engagement Hub joins up web, mobile, high street and contact centre customer experiences, connecting them with your existing CRM system, giving you a multi- dimensional view of all your customers. It allows you to act on an individual customer’s needs in real-time. Effortless engagement just got personal.

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