Thunderhead secures top spot on revered analyst’s CRM Watchlist for second consecutive year

LONDON – March 10th, 2014 – Thunderhead are CRM Watchlist Winners again. Thunderhead, a leader in enterprise solutions for customer experience and customer engagement, has been named a winner of the 2014 CRM Watchlist. This is the second consecutive year that Thunderhead has been a recipient of this prestigious industry award, and is recognition of the impact that the company is having.

Now in its sixth year, the annual CRM Watchlist is designed to showcase the leading global technology and services firms in the CRM marketplace. The annual review is conducted by leading CRM industry analyst Paul Greenberg, President of The 56 Group, best-selling author, and ZDNet blogger.

In his 2014 review of the company, Greenberg described Thunderhead as having: “One of the best applications/platforms I’ve ever seen rooted in a conceptual framework, that some of the smartest thinkers have devised, to derive value-based outcomes.”

The highly respected and influential industry specialist reviewed 162 submissions, totaling roughly 2,200 pages, and changed the award criteria this year to include two categories of winners; Watchlist Elite and Watchlist as well as an Honorable Mention category. Overall, this made the scoring harder than last year and the field fiercely competitive, with more entries but fewer winners.

This year Paul has recognized the emerging but important customer engagement market with the introduction of a new category. He noted that customer engagement is a growing market that is still taking shape but which “actually has the potential … to subsume CRM as market.”

Paul acknowledged Thunderhead’s pioneering approach to Customer Engagement in his review, noting that “not only did they have what might be one of the best applications I’ve ever seen … but it was solidly rooted in a conceptual framework that some of the smartest thinkers have devised to derive value based outcomes”. He added “they have a great shot at establishing long-term potential dominancy in the customer engagement market”.

“We are proud to once again be named a winner in Paul Greenberg’s CRM Watchlist,” said Glen Manchester, CEO, Thunderhead. “Restoring the customer relationship back to its pivotal position at the heart of business is the strategic imperative for today’s enterprise, and is at the frontline of digital transformation. As a pioneer and leader in the emerging Customer Engagement market, we are driving a new and disruptive era in CRM. With cloud technology designed for business users, our Engagement 3.0 framework and Customer Managed Journeys enables businesses to build enduring customer relationships at scale.”

The full list of winners can be found here: CRM Watchlist 2014

About Thunderhead

Thunderhead provides a range of powerful SaaS solutions from its ONE Engagement Hub. The ONE Engagement Hub ties together customer insight, context and journey behavior and uses these to inform interactions with customers and partners across all touchpoints.

We make it easy for customer-facing teams to design and deploy great customer journeys based on this rich insight and through value-driven interactions that lead to long-term engagement.

The result is that businesses have more power to drive revenue, brand strength and differentiation by delivering far beyond isolated interactions and experiences but by creating the rich relationships that great businesses are built on. Thunderhead serves its global customer base from offices located in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

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