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The Difference Between a Spectator and a Fan? Engagement

If anyone understands the value of loyalty, it’s the Sports industry. Fans show up through good times and bad, braving weather and spending hard-earned cash to support their teams. To quote British Soccer Manager Bill Shankley: “Football is not just a matter of life and death: it’s much more important than that”.

Historically, revenue generation was relatively straightforward: ticket/season ticket sales, a little corporate entertainment, and physical retail (namely merch and F&B). But what difference a decade makes. New sources of entertainment, digital innovation and expansive data have created powerful income opportunities – but equally, unchartered challenges.


Never miss a single signal, understand omni-channel behaviour across all channels and touchpoints at every moment, online and offline – generating powerful real-time context that brings your customer data to life.

With ONE…

Connect online and offline data sources
See where your media spend is working
Spot opportunities to improve the journey
Share insight across sales, service and marketing


Respond in real-time and provide consistent and engaging experiences across the entire journey. Understand every customer’s intent and help them get there with in-the-moment journey orchestration.

With ONE…

 Help your team react to every individual journey in real-time
Provide a consistent experience from manufacturer to dealer
Make sure each offer, message or conversation is relevant and timely
Generate high quality leads for the business.


We can get you up and running quickly and show fast time to value. ONE integrates easily with your existing investments and there’s no infrastructure setup or specialized expertise. Designed for business users, Thunderhead is easy and intuitive to use.

With ONE…

Quick start in weeks not months
Connects, enhances and extends your existing systems
Designed to be easy and intuitive for users
Value delivered fast, across sales, service and marketing.


Boost ticket sales
By listening to signals from customers on research and purchase journeys, ONE helps businesses maximize ticket sales or offload distressed inventory. For example, acting on its connected insight, the platform identifies customers failing to complete ticket purchases. It can then automatically re-engage ‘best prospects’ through tailored content (such as opportune, time-sensitive incentives) across all sales channels.

Shift that merch!
Merchandise is the loudspeaker with which fans amplify their loyalty to the world. And with high margins, it’s a vital contributor to the success of sports vendors. Unfortunately, over 35% of merch sales opportunities are being lost to ‘bad journeys’. Ingesting intelligence generated from millions of historic and live fan journeys, ONE predicts intended ‘destinations’ (for example, purchasing a team shirt). And armed with this insight, ONE then identifies and converses with lookalikes, serving up personalized and time-limited offers across every channel.

Delight your super fans – and create more of them
Identify high-value super-fans using event and activity thresholds: videos watched, content type, mobile app activity, tickets purchased, merch, profile detail (and combined patterns of behavior) can all be crucial signals conveying engagement.
Visualizing ‘common journey paths’, ONE then identifies similar behavior from super-fans of the future. The AI-powered, relevant and contextual content does the rest…


Fans navigate buying journeys based on their intentions, whether that’s buying tickets, personalizing merchandise, viewing content or investigating corporate opportunities.

Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub connects each and every customer’s ‘intent-driven journey’ across all channels and touchpoints, both online and offline. ONE visualizes these multi-channel journeys in real-time, providing incredible insight for the brand, across the business.

In an instant, ONE then orchestrates millions of individual journeys, across billions of touchpoints, so that brands are having the right conversation, at the right time.


Watch the Keynote Presentation at the Forrester Consumer Marketing 2018 event, with Ray Gerber, Chief Product Officer, Thunderhead and Michael Conley, SVP Chief Information Officer, Cleveland Cavaliers.

Hear how the Cavs innovative CIO, Mike Conley, has led them along the path to intent-based personalisation and see the incredible results they are achieving through 1:1 Fan Engagement with Thunderhead.

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Value to the fan means value to the brand. The adoption of the ONE Engagement Hub really is the best signing a team can make.

An internationally recognised brand, a team littered with superstar players and a burgeoning trophy cabinet. A top Premier League Football Club that has grown accustomed to winning on the pitch… but what about off the pitch? Our client recognised the need to engage their global fan base and ensure that the fan of today is also the fan of tomorrow. They wanted to understand who their fans were, what those fans needed and where they were on their journey to meet that need. They also feel Thunderhead gives them such a huge competitive advantage we can’t specifically name them…

To find out more about fan engagement is as easy as putting the ball into an empty net from six yards, read the case study.

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