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Customer Churn

Telco customers today expect their interactions with their providers to be as effortless as using their mobile device, and yet sometimes its not that easy for them. Changing providers is simple, so keeping customers loyal is vital to avoid the inevitable switch after a bad experience such as an unexpected large bill, or a service outage that one time they really needed you.
Things can go wrong, everyone knows that, but how you deal with it can be the difference between creating loyalty and showing them the door. Understanding customers and helping them isn’t an impossibility, in fact you’ve got the foundations, you now need a platform to bring it all together and start that personal conversation across every channel


We help Telco’s gain valuable insight into their customers’ journey to create a 360 view to deliver the right action at exactly the right moment, no matter the channel. That could be helping a new customer port their new number, without needing to call your customer service team, surpressing marketing activity if they have an active complaint or simply alerting them to a service outage or an unusually high bill


Customers need to get what they want as quick as possible, without it feeling like a huge effort, and without the need to switch channels. When you know a customer’s intent, you can deliver the information, advice and guidance needed to help them get the resolution they’re after. This means you can help customers self-serve on lower-cost channels, such as web, instead of calling the call center.

With ONE…
With deep level insights, visualize a single view of the customer journey and behavior.
Unify across every channel and touchpoint with an engagement layer over your existing systems.
Adopt a genuine intent-driven, customer centric strategy.
Start small and expand to true engagement across the entire customer journey.


You can build long-term trust and develop relationships based on mutual value and trust by making every customer interaction feel effortless. See your CSAT and NPS soar, while reducing customer complaints. And customers that receive a great service from you are less likely to feel cheated by price increases or service issues.
With ONE…
Understand intent every time a customer interacts with you.
In the moment orchestration with decisioning built on actual journeys.
Truly omni channel (both online and offline).
Light touch integration with no need for specialist skills, knowledge or resources.


Happy customers are the key to building loyalty, but this is not built based on gimicks or relentless promotions. Being there when needed, with the right product, in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive is crucial. With real-time insight into their behaviour and intent, you can deliver the right experience at the right moment – knowing when to speak is an important as knowing when to stay quiet, right?

With ONE…
Simplicity and speed.
Low barriers to implementation.
Real-time, customer-centric journey orchestration.
Personalization based on the journey that means the customer always finds what they’re looking for.


With a new approach you can drive topline growth, reduce cost-to-serve, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately grow customer lifetime value. Who wouldn’t want that?

Serve customers more effectively with more relevant and personal experiences. You’ll reap rewards with cross and upsell opportunities as well as acquisition.

You can build long-term loyalty and develop relationships based on mutual value and trust. See your retention rates soar and stop the switch crisis.

Cost-to-serve is reduced by understanding intent and acquisition efforts become more successful with personalised next best offers.

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