Company well positioned for continued execution, growth and leadership in 2012

Thunderhead, a leading provider of customer communications and experience management solutions, today announced revenues of £35.7 million which represents a significant 39 percent increase from 2010. This growth was fueled by strong revenue performance from the North American region as well as Asia Pacific. The company reports a CAGR of 37 percent over a 5 year period which is especially impressive given the global economic climate. Demand for Thunderhead’s enterprise communications technology continues to be strong, reflecting the need in the market for solutions that enable organizations to optimize customer communications and provide the best possible customer and brand experience.

Thunderhead’s solutions are designed to enable enterprises to manage complex and highly personalized multi-channel customer communications, and meet the demanding requirements of highly regulated financial markets and public sector communications.

“Thunderhead’s strategy has always been to lead through innovation. This is what attracts our customers and drives the increasing adoption of our technology,” said Glen Manchester, CEO and Founder of Thunderhead.

“To sustain our innovation momentum, we are continuing to make substantial investments in our R&D and engineering capability. We see a new era of customer experience and engagement emerging, and are bringing solutions to market that capitalize on our leadership in business usability, personalization and communications across all touch-points.”

To showcase their vision for customer engagement and their solutions, Thunderhead has established two state-of-the-art Customer Experience Centers. One is in London, and was opened last November, and the second is in New York City, and will be opened in April 2012.

Malcolm Locke, Chief Financial Officer at Thunderhead, said: “With year-on-year profitable growth, Thunderhead is in excellent financial shape, with a strong cash position and strengthened balance sheet. With these financial resources and our operational capability, we have the means to take advantage of new markets and growth opportunities around the globe. 2012 will be an exciting year for Thunderhead.”


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