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Customer engagement is what everyone needs. The trouble is, ‘engagement’ is the difficult bit. It’s fine when you own the corner shop and know all your customers by name, but not so easy when you’re a brand with a lot of customers and multiple touchpoints to manage every day.

Yes, you can throw stuff at people. You can shout at everyone. You can spam the hell out of the whole world. But that’s not customer engagement. Customers expect more, and if your brand is struggling to deliver they’ll only drift further away.

For customer engagement to hold any value, you need to be able to connect the tools, the databases, the CRM and the communication silos that you already have and turn them into something wonderful. Not just wonderful technology, but something that the customer thinks is wonderful.

On the web, in the call centre or in person, you need to listen to the customer, understand what they’re expecting from their relationship with your brand, and deliver it.

ONE Engagement Hub does that. You really can have it.

Marston’ s met ONE at the pub and saw 6 x higher response rate

"You can't make friends with someone unless you know something about them. With ONE we've found out a lot about our customers that we didn't know before, especially their preferences. ONE helped us listen to every customer journey and gain real-time insight into customer behaviour." Watch video case study

We know what you’re thinking.
You’re thinking, “How?”

Everyone thinks that – mainly because they think it’s going to hurt. It isn’t.

ONE is a quick-to-deploy, light-touch cloud solution that sits above all of your existing channels, departments and technology. You don’t have to rip out or replace anything. ONE helps you join up a customer’s journey to create personalised, relevant, consistent conversations at the right time, every time.

Your staff are given access to the information that enables more meaningful and valuable conversations. Your brand delivers continuous and relevant conversations wherever your customers are in their journey. And your customers? Well, instead of b****ing about you or at you, they’ll be spending money with you, telling their friends about you, singing your praises, and sticking around with you for longer.

Happier, more engaged customers.

See ONE in Action

Friends with benefits

OK, not quite, but the good news is that ONE is a win-win for brands and customers. Show me the money we hear you cry…Well, with ONE you’ll have better marketing, sales and service results, as well as happy customers that spend more, stay with you for longer and tell their friends how much they love you. ROI like this doesn’t come along every day. Read on for the benefits of the ONE Engagement Hub.


  • They are known, understood and listened to
  • Fewer irrelevant communications and offers
  • Any problems are dealt with quicker
  • They are in control of their own journey, on any channel of their choice
  • Every experience feels happy and positive, and brand loyalty increases
  • Every conversation is relevant, consistent and tailored to their individual needs


  • More human, valuable and relevant customer relationships
  • Really know your customers to adapt to their changing preferences, behaviours, and expectations
  • Extend the value of existing customer-facing platforms for more loyal, happy and valuable customers
  • Staff armed with correct, easily-accessible information
  • Agile, scalable, easy-to-deploy and quick to return value – irrespective of business size and maturity
ONE enabled a Premier League Football Club to listen properly to their fans by matching over 900,000 omni-channel interactions to 35,000 fans in just 4 weeks. It also recorded the anonymous activity for many, many thousands more visitors. View case study

Still need convincing?

ONE Engagement Hub

ONE's 6 Steps of Engagement

ONE puts the customers where they should be, at the centre of your business. Listen, Recognise, Understand, Design, Personalise and Deliver – Follow the arrows to follow ONE’s 6-steps to happier, more engaged customers.
ONE Engagement Hub


Use ONE to design, test and publish your customer journey stages, propositions, customer activities and interaction points across any touchpoint, in any channel. You are then set up to use ONE to record all customer interactions and responses, to personalise and generate content and behavioural data.
ONE Engagement Hub


Recognise and connect with audiences across multiple channels and devices. And because ONE enables multiple customer keys to be linked to one customer profile, you can get a truly complete omni-channel view of how a customer is behaving. You can even track anonymous visitors from their second interaction using the Thunderhead ID.
ONE Engagement Hub


Journey Analytics allows you to understand and learn from visitor behaviour across their entire journey. ONE captures, tracks and optimises across all touchpoints, and records real-time data in its ‘brain’ – the Adaptive Engagement Profile.
ONE Engagement Hub


Use ONE to help you design customer strategies, and assess which approach will deliver the appropriate exchange of value between the business and customer.
ONE Engagement Hub


Use ONE to generate personalised content by designing, testing and publishing rules or expressions to optimise different touchpoints. ONE will then pull relevant assets from its own local, or external asset databases. ONE enables multiple propositions to be linked to the same tracking point on a channel, allowing highly-efficient optimisation and listening. An entirely new way to think about using real estate on your digital touchpoints.
ONE Engagement Hub


Deliver the relevant content to the appropriate place of interaction, across any channel and touchpoint. Then record the responses to adapt the customer’s profile in the Adaptive Engagement Profile.

Download the ONE Geek Sheet

To get even more down and dirty with the nuts and bolts that make up ONE, read our Geek Sheet. It explains all the clever, technical stuff and gives an overview of the product’s core features.



Why we’re

ONE is the only truly effortless customer engagement platform.

No one else has purpose-built their solution from the ground up with a platform based on the customer engagement cycle like we have. No one else has an Adaptive Engagement Profile that puts the customer at the heart of the system. No one else enables brands to record, understand, assess, personalise and optimise engagement around unique, constantly evolving customer profiles.

Starting to get the idea?





Setting up and using ONE is so quick and easy, anyone in your office can do it. There’s no need to rely on IT, and there’s no need for anyone to go near any code. Business users have available the ONE UI extension in browsers, or ONE SDK for iOS and Android to set up and use ONE.


Listens to customers


Through its ability to link a customer to a single profile from any number of actions or channels, ONE uniquely enables you to monitor how and why a customer interacts with your brand. Thunderhead ID ONE even tracks anonymous customers, linking their behaviour to their own unique profile once they are identified.


Non-invasive system


ONE is a light-touch layer that integrates with, pulls data from, and pushes data to a host of external systems: native CRM apps, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP. Data Adaptors mean ONE can interact with data from the AEP and CRM, external sources and systems of record.


Real time insight


ONE sits on top of your existing external systems (content management, brand asset management, CRM, systems of record, and marketing automation systems) and uses data adaptors to push and pull data to and from these into ONE’s Adaptive Engagement Profile. And this all happens in real-time – the moment the customer is interacting with your brand, at the very second it’s most relevant.


Channel agnostic and aware


ONE sits across, and is aware of the context of, all channels where you may be having conversations with customers: Web, Mobile Web, Mobile Apps, Call-Centres, Outbound Mail, In-store, Physical, Email, Social. Wherever your customers interact with your brand, ONE is there to ensure a consistent, seamless, and on-going conversation. This gives staff a single view of the customer’s behaviour across, between and within the complete omni-channel view.


Faster results


As a cloud-based service, ONE has a unique light-touch deployment. There’s no huge project to rip and replace existing tech, and you don’t need to change or upgrade. You can use ONE to simply augment existing systems. Nothing else is as light and agile as ONE, or can deliver speed to value in its timeframes. Just read our case studies to see how fast we delivered value for our customers.


Omni-channel journey insights


ONE shows you real customer journeys to provide the missing piece in the Customer Journey Mapping puzzle. It presents you with cross-channel journey flows, reflecting actual (not perceived) customer behaviour. ONE tracks customers across every interaction, and notes periods of inactivity; allowing the brand to re-engage and move the customer to the next stage. The cross-channel journey flows even show transitions to alternative channels, highlighting where content isn’t working for that individual.


Naturally conversational


ONE threads together all of your customers’ conversations with your brand across their entire journey. If a customer starts interacting in one channel on a particular device, that conversation may continue later on across a plethora of other touchpoints and devices. Like any good conversationalist, ONE remembers their identity, location, preferences and context – and the interaction feels natural and human.


Saga saw a 59% sales increase in 6 weeks with ONE

View Case Study

we serve



A clear way forward

Imagine arming your showroom sales team with a complete picture of a customer’s car buying journey, an engine of insight and knowledge made available to them the moment a customer walks through the door. Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub (ONE) has been specifically designed to do this.




Every Journey Counts

Customer expectations are higher than ever. They expect banks to interact with them on their terms and for the experience to be seamless, relevant and personalised to their needs. The banks that take the lead will be those that can understand and manage the customer journey across every touchpoint and deliver a truly joined up experience. Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub (ONE) has been specifically designed to achieve this.



Protection for insurance brands against the customer engagement gap

Insurance brands today are struggling to meet changing customer expectations and customer relationships are at an all-time low. Digitally savvy customers are now able compare different providers and shop around for the best deal. Insurance brands are experiencing an ever-widening engagement gap as customers become increasingly disloyal, distrustful and indifferent. Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub has been specifically designed to help insurance brands bridge this gap and build valuable customer relationships.



Customer engagement therapy for retail brands

Retail brands need a bit of therapy when it comes to customer engagement – fact. Customers are increasingly abandoning the physical store experience to buy online from the comfort of their home. With over 2 billion people worldwide owning smartphones and 82% of smartphone owners shopping with them, retailers are struggling to connect customers’ online experience with their in–store experience. Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub has been specifically designed to help bridge this gap and reconnect retailers with their customers.



Sport & Leisure

The signing of the season

The ONE Engagement Hub helps clubs and sports franchises understand who their fans are, what they need and where they are on their journey to meet that need. It then helps them have intelligent and connected conversations with those fans as they interact across any channel, device, irrespective of whether it was a quick look at the league table on the mobile app, listening to the latest podcast interview with the manager, researching a stadium tour on the website, or trying to buy the latest kit in their shop at the stadium. Quite simply the best signing a club can make for fan engagement.



The future’s bright, the future’s engagement.

Constrained by regulation and commoditization, and threatened by disruption from outside the industry, telecommunications providers realise that their key strategic asset is the strength of their relationships with their customers. Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub (ONE) has been specifically designed to strengthen these relationships.


Travel & Hospitality

It’s the customer’s journey, not yours

Most travel companies have no idea who their potential customers are and in a perfect world, there would be no discernible seams in a customer’s journey from the first moment of wanderlust, through to making a purchase. Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub (ONE) has been specifically designed to change this.



The power of customer engagement

With more and more customers adopting self-financed renewable energy and distributed energy resources, utility companies are increasingly interested in achieving true customer engagement and sustain their relevance well into the future. Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub (ONE) has been specifically designed to achieve this.


“One is a truly ground-breaking solution for customer engagement.”

Guy Parsons, CEO, EasyHotel

“You might have thought you bought the silver bullet with your CRM, website or campaign tools that promised the world. But while they are optimised for their specific function and channel, they are suboptimal at enabling a seamless omni-channel experience which is what customers want and need.”

Glen Manchester, CEO and Founder, Thunderhead

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