The Need For Deeper Connections

The Automotive industry is all about experience. The experience of choosing, driving and maintaining a car covers many touchpoints from online to the dealership, the call center, not to mention the overall brand advertising experience. The list goes on, but these experiences are getting more and more disjointed by disparate data sources and systems operating in silos.

And with 60% of buying decisions made before even setting foot in a dealership, the need to bring all these factors together has never been greater and is crucial to helping staff to have better informed, tailored conversations that can increase sales, build brand trust and create loyalty to keep brands and dealers ahead of the competition.


We’re helping Automotive brands understand, share and act upon valuable customer journey insight. Our ONE Engagement Hub provides dealerships and brands with a real-time view of each and every customer’s omnichannel journey across every touchpoint, connecting both online and offline channels. ONE then uses this insight to personalize every interaction for every customer based on their in-the-moment needs, whether they’re on the mobile app, on the website, coming in for a test-drive or looking for a service.


Never miss a single signal, understand omni-channel behavior across all channels and touchpoints at every moment, online and offline - generating powerful real-time context that brings your customer data to life.

With ONE…

  • Connect online and offline data sources
  • See where your media spend is working
  • Spot opportunities to improve the journey
  • Share insight across sales, service and marketing.


Respond in real-time and provide consistent and engaging experiences across the entire journey. Understand every customer’s intent and help them get there with in-the-moment journey orchestration.

With ONE...

  • Help your team react to every individual journey in real-time
  • Provide a consistent experience from manufacturer to dealer
  • Make sure each offer, message or conversation is relevant and timely
  • Generate high quality leads for the business.


We can get you up and running quickly and show fast time to value. ONE integrates easily with your existing investments and there’s no infrastructure setup or specialized expertise. Designed for business users, Thunderhead is easy and intuitive to use.

With ONE…

  • Quick start in weeks not months
  • Connects, enhances and extends your existing systems
  • Designed to be easy and intuitive for users
  • Value delivered fast, across sales, service and marketing.

What’s the value
of transforming
customer relationships?

With ONE you can connect and personalize every digital and in-person interaction based on individual customer context and omni-channel journey insight. It’ll allow you to tailor every conversation across the buying journey so you’ll see an uplift in new leads and increased sales.

Your relationship doesn’t stop when someone buys a car. ONE will help you orchestrate a service experience across your business that’s second to none, linking every conversation after the sale, online and offline, to make sure your sales, service and marketing teams keep customers engaged beyond the sale.

ONE will uncover opportunities for you to send personalized offers and communications to your customers (or help suppress irrelevant ones!). ONE will help you understand if it’s time to look at maintenance, accessories, VIP events and other tailored options to keep customers engaged with relevant offers, and ensure you’re not wasting valuable marketing budgets, or their time.


“Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub allows us to develop a greater understanding of our customers and prospects.”

Aston Martin

Simon Sproule, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer


In 1913, Henry Ford introduced the moving assembly line to a burgeoning automotive industry, revolutionizing global manufacturing forever. The new integrated process simplified the assembly by creating just 84 discrete, connected steps. Given the immediate success of Ford’s collaborative assembly line, it’s peculiar that over a century later, our data and marketing technologies (whose fundamental role is to connect every department of an organization) aren’t more harmonious or impactful. Today Consumers want a seamless, informed experience. As Ford did in 1913, Automotive brands now need to connect assets, minimize complexity and innovate to succeed. Read the blog...

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