ONE Engagement Hub Implementation

Connecting customer conversations needn’t be complex

Light touch, powerful listening

ONE is a light-touch, cloud-based solution. It uses flexible listeners and a unique decisioning engine to provide an engagement layer across all channel and data silos, enabling brands to speak consistently with each customer – across every single touchpoint. This empowers your business to have connected, relevant and valuable conversations with your customers throughout their journey. So light touch doesn’t mean light on capability.

ONE’s architecture is omnichannel from its core. Its technology has been developed to be channel agnostic, whether listening to each customer’s activity or optimizing their many conversations. This means we are not tied to a specific channel, unlike (for example) a marketing automation system is to email – or a content management system may be tied to the web.



The JavaScript-based ONE Tag requires minimum configuration, letting you track and capture web activity everywhere, across all of your web pages


Mobile application listening is achieved quickly and simply through our dedicated SDKs for iOS and Android


Email listening is as easy as dropping a tracking pixel into your email templates. ONE takes care of the rest.


Assisted channel listening, such as a contact center, is achieved through standard integrations to Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP.

If there’s any other channel you want to listen to, such as your ePOS system, we provide a flexible API Framework that allows you to swiftly and simply enable listening and subsequent, associated optimizations.