Get Mobile Out of the Customer Engagement Pocket

Mobile is no longer the device that sits in your pocket, it has become the control device that connects all your life touchpoints. It understands the context you’re in and enables you to connect with brands through apps. Mobile has become an enabler for users to interact with a brand at anytime and an enabler which helps your brand build an even clearer picture of how your users interact with your brand at any point in time. Ultimately we carry these devices everywhere we are and we are spending increasingly more time using them*. 2016 was the year more people accessed the Internet through mobile devices than any other, a crucial tipping point for brand customer engagement.

Smartphone technology, tablets and continuous connectivity along with social, location and mobile technology trends such as the adoption of second screen behaviour, have completely transformed interactions between a business and their customers. With over 95% of UK adults now owning a mobile or tablet device**, more than half the world now uses a smartphone and almost two-thirds of the world’s population now has a mobile phone always-on, customers can purchase whatever they want, whenever they want and from whatever location they want.

The Mobile Expectation Gap

Not embracing mobile means brands are experiencing difficulties in grasping customer engagement. A gap has opened-up between what customers expect, and what brands are delivering. With the growth of mobile customers’ preferences around how and when they want to be communicated with have changed. This has also led customers to expect contact in real-time (or near real-time). This gap in expectations equates to a hole in customer engagement, a crack where you’ll lose customers and revenue. If you leave mobile hidden in your brand’s pocket, forgotten and under-used, you’ll disappoint customers and drive them away.

The Mobile Opportunity

Communicating in the context of the customer has become increasingly important and is a key aspect of delivering value.

A mobile app should be viewed as an opportunity to connect the dots between your email, web and physical channels, enabling you to see the true picture of how your users interact with your brand. It’s not about ‘Mobile First’ (which can become ‘Mobile Only’) but it is about mobile being the glue which connects your customers with all of your brand’s touchpoints. Because your customers have your app you can now understand where they are when they make their decisions to make that purchase and in many cases you can build a clear understanding on what led them to make that decision.

The debate no longer needs to be whether you will build a native or hybrid app, but what app will you build to help you grab your customers attention when they are using their mobile device.

Are you going to act now on the mobile revolution or just stand by and continue to pretend that it’s not happening?


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