Five Trends in Customer Journey Analytics

Whilst British Astronaut Tim Peake is pioneering journeys on the International Space Station and Virgin Galactic unveil their new spaceship Unity, we are celebrating Britain’s rich heritage in exploration and discussing five trends to help you explore a different type of journey, but one that’s no less complex or exciting: your customer’s journey.


Part 1 – Actionable customer journey insight will become standard

Major Tim Peake, the first British European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut, is currently on the International Space Station for Expedition 46/47. He participated in the first spacewalk outside the ISS by a British astronaut and is about to become the first Human ever to run a marathon in space. Those are very big footsteps to follow in.

Some other pretty big footsteps were made by Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong in July 1969, the first Human to walk on the moon. And right behind those are Buzz Aldrin’s, the second Moonwalker in history. What’s incredible is those footsteps will still be there today, in fact they’ll probably be there as long as the moon itself lasts.

To help you follow in your customers’ footsteps as surely as Buzz followed Neil then you need actionable journey insight. In the pursuit of customers it will become standard practice for marketers to work with actionable customer journey insights as they are the key to unlocking effortless engagement.

When we watched Tim Peake blast off all we could see from the ground were the ship’s jet-trails but these didn’t tell us anything about how Tim was doing. The ship itself was already out-of-sight in orbit trying to dock with the ISS. If you look retrospectively into a rear-view mirror at historic data then your customer will have moved on, perhaps away from your brand.

It will become mission-critical to obtain real-time insights which you can act on in the moment of your customer’s engagement and in the context of their entire journey. Actionable journey insights mean you don’t just follow your customer’s footsteps, instead you walk in their shoes with them. The ability to use customer journey status and journey context in real-time to drive customer personalisation, next-best conversations and context-driven engagement will become common practice. This is because actionable customer journey insights enable you to:

  • Reach for the stars by connecting your physical channels to your digital, enabling a true omni-channel customer experience.
  • Give every employee an astronaut’s view from space of the clusters of customer communities. Then give them the ability to zoom back down to earth and see the individual level of each and every customer’s behaviour, journey and what the next best conversation with them would be.
  • Build a picture as the customer interacts with your brand across as many touchpoints as a sky full of stars, ensuring the best conversation is had with the customer at the most relevant time.
  • Embrace the unknown by associating anonymous journeys to customers, having previously ‘recognised’ the customer on their devices. This moves you away from generic and often irrelevant one size fits all communications and moves you towards having the best conversation at the most relevant time for the customer.

Actionable customer journey insights enable you to don your space boots and walk in your customers footsteps as effortlessly as a cosmonaut walking in Tim’s space steps. That’s one small step for customers, one giant leap for marketers.