The Journey from NPS to Actionable Journey Insights

For years companies have looked to Net Promoter Score (NPS) as the measure of what customers think about them. But do you know what? In an age when even our clothes are connected to a 24/7, everything-as-a-service digital economy, don’t you think we can do a bit better? Instead of a timid, “How likely is it that you’d recommend our company/product/service?“, can’t we just go ahead and find out?

Because, really, NPS isn’t telling you much. People rate the same experiences differently, intent doesn’t necessarily translate into action, and an NPS score of -10 doesn’t tell you what you’re doing wrong, or give you the opportunity to fix it when it matters: when the customer is still on their journey. For that you need a complete, real-time understanding of customer behaviour, and for that we need to get engaged.

The whole concept of customer engagement comes about because of the failure of conventional metrics to explain people’s behaviour in a digital world. NPS is from 2003 – before everyone got smartphones, installed apps and started broadcasting photos of food. Using it to understand 2017 is like tweeting wearing a fat glove.

In today’s consumer environment, we urgently need to understand both the customer and our relationship to them. We need actionable insight on their engagement with the brand, both in terms of what they’re buying, and in what they’re saying and doing. How might customer A influence, inform or shape the buying decisions of customers B, C, D and so on? Only by understanding this behaviour and its relevance to us can we understand how to respond and drive the maximum value from our relationships.

It is possible now to gain that understanding, technology is available today which helps you to  define the value of your customer relationships and put customer behaviour at the centre of your business.

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