Is Ad Blocking Really the Enemy for Marketers?

1 Minute Read

No. Ad Blocking is not the villain. Ad Blocking is the sound of your customers telling you to shut up, the sound of the door being slammed in your face. If you think Ad Blocking is the enemy your brand could soon be pushing daisies.

Ad Blocking is trying to tell you something very important: it’s the customer’s journey, not yours. They can and they will block, stop and finish you off if you keep hammering on doors they’re telling you are locked.

You may have had a close shave trying to force customers down a path they don’t want to go. So, no time like the present to try something new. Stop obsessing about ads. Start to think about how you can give your customers more value. You know a thing or two about your customers. So use that know-how. Show a bit of savoir-faire. It’s not rocket science, especially when you do the sums.

Tim Armstrong was right when he said “Advertising is going to get exponentially more expensive…You’re going to have to pay a lot of money to convert someone.”

We know how a certain dapper spy wants it: shaken, not stirred. You know how you want it too. And so do your customers. So if they want it shaken, stirred – or otherwise – give it to them. Not pointless ads.