5 Ways Marketers Can Improve Customer Value

If the points raised in our blog “CMO Council – Marketers are struggling with Customer Engagement” sound familiar then here’s our top tips to help you on your path to success.

  1. It’s the customer’s journey, not yours.

More than ever your customers select their own journey and want to enjoy the freedom to follow their own path – it’s the Customer-Managed Journey. Forcing these individuals through pre-defined paths, funnels and segments never worked very well. We don’t live on train tracks. In the omni-channel world of the customer-managed journey it’s impossible. This is why the traditional retrospective campaign view of customers can no longer work for your marketing. Consumers today are demanding to be heard and understood, so increasingly expect brands to provide them with content that is relevant to them and caters to their individual needs and preferences, on their terms.

  1. Actionable journey insight in real-time vs. campaign-based insights.

The CMO Council report advised moving away from using data to calculate past performance metrics. Instead it recommends you use data as a tool to uncover new, real-time insights about customer behaviour. Traditional marketing campaign metrics may provide an idea of past performance, but they do little—if anything—to help you gain any level of predictive insights around your customers. If you want to achieve your plans to improve customer value by powering customer experiences with personalisation and relevance then you need to make sure that you are adopting a customer-managed journey strategy. Repurposing legacy campaign flows and process as customer journeys will not work. You need to adopt the customer managed journey vs. inside out/ campaign-centric journeys.

  1. Do not ignore anonymous users.

Anonymous users are at the beginning of their journey with you, so ignore them at your peril. Make sure that you can listen, learn and adapt all of your anonymous interactions for anonymous user engagements and generate the most relevant next best actions for these people. They might be anonymous but they’re still on their own personal journey.

  1. Omni-channel personalisation.

With new platforms, always-on connectivity and the instant availability of nearly anything a consumer desires, their expectations are always increasing. You must have actionable customer journey insight which truly works across all the channels and touchpoints where your customers may be, in real-time. And your ability to personalise their experience isn’t just about including their name in an email. Your personalisation needs to recognise who that individual is, their habits, their preferences for what they want, how they want it and when they want it.

  1. Customer engagement best practice.

At Thunderhead we wrote the book on customer engagement. See our research study and discover our model for effortless engagement and happier customers. This framework will help your brand to discover new routes to revenue and higher value customer relationships in the long term.

In addition, here’s a real-life case study which highlights a successful implementation of real-time customer-managed journey analytics – meet Marstons at the pub.

By the time the next CMO Council report is published make sure you’re one of those marketers who turns ‘the ugly’ into ‘the good’ and enable your brand to benefit from all that additional customer value.