SSAT + ONE Engagement Hub: Case Study

Learn how the Schools, Students and Teacher's Network gained text book results with Thunderhead ONE.

Read this Case Study to find out how SSAT (a.k.a. the Schools, Students and Teacher’s network) gained text book results in just 4 weeks when they chose Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub (ONE). Download the printer-friendly PDF here or read on. 

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SSAT (a.k.a. the Schools, Students and Teachers network) is all about helping ambitious schools unlock their potential with the power of fresh thinking. Hands up who likes the sound of that?

Offering services to both members and nonmembers, SSAT assist with the overall school achievement as well as the individual career progression of the teachers. All with the goal of improving the lives and grades of their students.

But when it came to SSAT understanding the needs of both schools and teachers, had they really done their homework? Put it this way, if this was a test of how smart their engagement with individual members had been to date, would they make the grade?

With a constant spotlight on the quality of education across the country, it was crucial for SSAT to ensure their services added value to members nationally. Providing each school with the right resource, support and accreditation that would ultimately help each and every one to become the best it could be.

It’s Not Rocket Science…

…to see that extra tuition was required. And for SSAT, the answer soon became clear. They learnt that by actually listening to their members, across any channel or device they interacted with, SSAT could discover what their members really wanted. From conference availability, to expanding career potential and networking with peers.

Apple for the Teacher

So SSAT decided to take their education to another level…by employing the best learning aid there is – the ONE Engagement Hub (ONE). And boy, was it a move that proved fundamental in understanding their members.
Having ONE onboard meant that SSAT could now join up their digital, outbound and customer service channels with their CRM. Ensuring a 360-degree view of the customer, helping SSAT to always have the right kind of conversation.
And because ONE is an engagement layer that works with, rather than replaces existing technology investments, SSAT were able to do this without disrupting their day-to-day activity. …

Text Book Results

Over the course of just four weeks, ONE matched over 5,000 previously anonymous website interactions to specific CRM records. This provided valuable insight into the needs of both the teacher and their school, enabling SSAT to understand their current roles, training needs and even their own career aspirations.

But the education that ONE provided didn’t stop there. It helped SSAT to take those insights and personalise the journey for every individual interacting with them. If a member visits the website to further their leadership skills, the experience they receive will be tailor-made based on their specific need.

A big tick all round, and yet there was still a need for further lessons from ONE. With ‘service’ being a huge part of SSAT’s strategy, ONE allowed the business to connect their digital and outbound channels, helping combine insight to better equip their SSAT employees. And for an organisation that thrives on fully understanding their members, this was a learning curve of paramount importance.

Because it meant that when interacting with their members, either in person, over the phone or by email, they were doing so with a rich understanding of that particular individual’s behaviour and need.

Coupled with the insight they already had on the individual’s journey, SSAT could now go on to have a relevant conversation with them. So high-volume generic outbound emails became low-volume, ongoing and personalised conversations. Without an awkward pause insight.

Check Our Workings Out

Like any diligent student it’s always good to show how you got to the answer, so let’s take a look at how ONE helped SSAT build a much needed relationship with one of its members; David, a Deputy Head of a school in Essex.

Before ONE came onboard, David was just an anonymous web visitor who SSAT knew nothing about. But now David is someone whom they have formed a good relationship with, thanks to understanding his needs and being able to have relevant conversations with him. This has allowed SSAT to offer David a much more bespoke service, from his interest in leadership courses to his school’s specific requirements. SSAT can now give him what he needs (and not a jot of what he doesn’t).

Like any successful relationship, it’s pretty obvious that to work it needs to go way beyond the first date. So when ONE automatically emailed David, after the first course he attended in Colchester, about a discount on two more courses, this cemented the burgeoning relationship between David and SSAT even further.

A No-Brainer

When we achieve the desired result of creating value for the member, it means we create value for the brand. Win-win. So what really is the value for SSAT?
Julian Elvé, the Director of Information Services, put it best when he said:
“To provide the best service to all our members, we want everything we do with them to be informed by everything we have ever done with them – ONE provides the essential joining-up across every interaction we have.”
So as you can see, choosing ONE to help define your member (or customer) needs is a no brainer when achieving the A* success your business deserves.