The Fall of Cookies & The Rise of First-Party Data: EBook

With empowered consumers, privacy under the spotlight and the demise of cookies, how can we mobilize our first-party data?
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As consumers demand to know what their data will be used for and seize back control over its usage, traditional rules of engagement cease to exist.

Customers are aware of the value of personal privacy – and personal data. You could even say that the ‘rise of the consumer’ has led to the demise of the traditional digital marketer.

The upshot is an institutional shift: from the reliance on third party data to more direct relationships. This forces the evolution of digital advertising, business models, and value creation. It also creates casualties: third-party cookies, device fingerprinting, app tracking and email pixels find themselves under threat. And in this cookieless world, first-party technology solutions including Customer Journey Orchestration and Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM) are being adopted by many brands.

In this paper, we ask what a cookieless world means for digital marketing – and crucially, what can we do about it with first-party data?

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