Announcing Salesforce RTIM

On Tuesday 7th November at Dreamforce 2017, Salesforce announced a global strategic partnership with Thunderhead to bring to market a joint solution for Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM). This ground-breaking solution, currently called Salesforce RTIM, combines the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub to provide Salesforce customers with a comprehensive holistic solution to drive customer engagement throughout every unique customer journey. Salesforce RTIM will be supplied and supported directly by Salesforce.

This new solution will enable marketers from customer-centric brands to understand every customer interaction in real-time, across all channels and touchpoints. Based on customer context, behaviour and journey insight, Thunderhead’s next-generation decisioning technology optimizes each individual interaction in-flight to ensure that a customer’s in-the-moment needs are met.

Real-time and Actionable for Better Customer Journeys

Salesforce RTIM is fully integrated into the Salesforce platform and is designed to be used throughout the customer journey across all the Salesforce clouds, seamlessly connecting the flow of customer experiences across the business, building engagement and eliminating the customer journey fractures that exist between organisational silos and touchpoints.

Using Salesforce RTIM marketers can now analyse the customer journey in real-time, and leverage this actionable insight to deliver personalised contextually-relevant interactions that help build stronger and more-trusted relationships with customers, driving revenue growth, customer retention, and brand advocacy and loyalty.


Today’s marketers and CRM professionals need technology solutions that deliver value quickly and are easy to use. Salesforce RTIM delivers this with Thunderhead’s market-leading interface design, ease-of-use and rapid deployment.

Thunderhead will continue to supply the ONE Engagement Hub directly on a global basis to non-Salesforce Marketing Cloud users and we remain fully focused on transforming customer engagement across all industry sectors.

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