Need some help or support using Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub? Then you’ve come to the right place. We all need help from time to time, probably because you’ve discovered something we’ve missed, so you’re actually helping us. We’ll jump to it the moment we hear from you.


To ask for help is easy:

1. Either Email Thunderhead Support

2. Or visit Thunderhead’s self-service Support Portal to ask for help, track progress on issues you have raised, search an extensive knowledge base, give feedback on the ONE Engagement Hub and make suggestions for improvements to ONE.

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Global Support

Europe (EU)

Support Office Hours: 9:00 AM UTC to 6:00 PM UTC

North America (NA)

Support Office Hours: 9:00 AM EST to 6:00 PM EST

Out of office hours Urgent/Critical Support:

North America support: +1 877 8388945

European support: +44 203 695 4629


Support SLAs

Thunderheads Customer based SLA is put in place to provide guidelines for the level of service expected by our customers during our supported business hours.


Inquiries about routine technical issues; information requests on application capabilities, navigation,

installation, or configuration

System performance issue or bug affecting some but not all users Persistent issue affecting many users; major functionality impacted; significant performance degradation Production issue affecting all users; system unavailability; data integrity issues
TIME TO RESPONSE 8 Hours* 4 Hours* 2 Hours 1 Hour

*office hours only

Service Status

At Thunderhead we work hard to keep service interruptions to a minimum and have a record of averaging 99.99% uptime across our core services.

But like anyone, we occasionally have interruptions in service. Typically, it’s just a small window of scheduled maintenance, which we try to do during non-working hours. If we do have an unplanned outage, we aim to keep your data safe and secure and get things back up and running as soon as possible.

So that you’re never left in the dark we post updates to our status page. Here you can see if we have an ongoing incident and details on uptime and past incidents. You can also subscribe to get incident updates sent to you.

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Visit the Thunderhead support portal for help with our ONE Engagement Hub.

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